; The Kona Billfisher


Rights and Responsibilities of Renter/Guest/Exchange Guests

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Guest/Renters/Exchange Guests may check-in in advance online at thekonabillfisher.com/checkin. You will receive a confirmation email. Bring this documentation with you to facilitate your Check-in. Owners requesting to change units should speak to the front desk for further information.

You may also call the office during regular business hours HST at (808) 329-9277.


Check-In - 3:00 pm
Check-Out - 10:00 am

• Quiet Time: 10:00 pm to 8:00 am
• All occupancies will be in the name of the person(s) staying in the unit.
• Transient tax will be paid by renter/guest.
• Person registering must have a valid drivers license, passport, or other valid ID
• Person registering must be 21 yrs of age and have a valid credit card.
• Notification of arrival by guests/renters (name/email/phone number) to be made 48 hours in advance and should include arrival and departure dates.
• Registrant will sign an acknowledgment of reading, understanding, and abiding by the Policies of the Kona Billfisher.

General Policy

• Conduct that is argumentative, abusive, and belligerent will not be tolerated. Those failing to comply will be asked to leave, or if necessary, be removed by the local authorities.
• All children in diapers or training pants will be in approved swim diapers.
• Swimming pool rules as posted will be strictly enforced.
• Condo towels may not be used in the pool area, removed from the premises, or used to remove or clean items that stain.  Kitchen towels are provided to clean up spills.
• Car parking pass is to be displayed in the left front window. No back-in parking is allowed.
• Persons with disability parking passes are required to notify the office with a valid disability parking plaque. The office will provide parking space signage.
• The Kona Billfisher, nor the owners, are not responsible for personal items left in the unit upon check out.
• Damage to a unit or property must be reported to the office immediately. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
• Any additional policy may be covered in the compendium located in each unit.



WiFi is free at no extra charge.

No Smoking Policy
The KBF is a non-smoking establishment and all persons on the property are required to abide by the non-smoking policy. There is a designated smoking area located on the map provided to you. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a fine of $200.00 for each infraction. This policy covers e-cigarettes and vaping.

Bicycle Policy
The Kona Billfisher does not encourage occupants to store their bicycles in the units. Space is limited and carpeting and walls become soiled easily. However, Billfisher recognizes the need of some owners and renters to secure expensive cycling equipment. Should an occupant find the need to store their bicycle(s) in the unit the following deposit and policy must be adhered to.

Click here for Bicycle Policy

Damage Charges
Report all damage to the unit or its content immediately. Damage to a unit or its content or a violation of policy may result in charges up to and including cleaning or replacement fees, labor costs, and/or time loss of the unit.