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The Kona Billfisher Units For Rent

The condominium units at the Kona Billfisher are Fee Simple property. Owners are responsible for the rental of their unit(s) and notifying the Front Desk in writing. The Kona Billfisher does not act as a real estate or rental agent.

Ownership of a unit is for a time period from the 15th day of a month to the 13th day of the next month. Time periods are designated by Alpha starting with A = Jan/Feb, B = Feb/Mar, etc, through L = Dec/Jan. Owners may rent any portion of their ownership time period. The owner is responsible for collection of rental fees and full disclosure of additional check-in fees, air-conditioning fees, incidental fees, and policy(including bicycle policy). This information is posted on the Website under the Billfisher Information page.

If you are looking to rent a unit and do not see a time period available for you, please click on the Book Now button at the top of the page.



All rentals are for a minimum of three (3) days.

All units have one bath and a full kitchen. All units have been refurbished restored.

One bedroom sleeps 4
Two bedroom sleeps 6

*Occupancy strictly adhered to

Taxes and fees will be collected at check-in.



U3F June 15 to July 13, 2020
Third Floor. Vaulted Ceilings. Up to 4 people. We are looking to come for 7-8 days at some point during the timeframe, but are open to renting any/all
asking $90 per day, $600 per week or $2,200 for the month
Please contact Gabriel at 858-722-4224
Exp: 06/05/2020


V2 June 15 to July 13, 2020

One bedroom, one bath with an ocean view from the balcony. Close to the pool and outdoor dining area.
asking $600/ week
Please contact William and Suzanne at 760-774-1773

N1G July 15 to August 3, 2020

One bedroom, sleeps 4, ground floor with fenced patio (lanai), across from the pool. Email preferred.
Asking $100/day or $665/week
Please contact Rodney at rc62584@outlook.com or 909-480-3912
Exp: 08/18/2020

L3K November 15 to December 13, 2020

Third Floor. Vaulted Ceilings, across from the pool, with easy access to laundry and grill.
asking $90 per day, $600 per week or $2,200 for the month
Please contact Michael at 406-363-8524 or 406-961-4277
Exp: 08/26/2020