; The Kona Billfisher


The condominium units at the Kona Billfisher are Fee Simple property. Owners are responsible for the sale of their unit(s). The Kona Billfisher and LaTour Hotels and Resorts does not act as a real estate agent. A unit title includes ownership of the unit for a time period from the 15th day of a month to the 13th day of the next month. Time periods are designated by Alpha starting with A = Jan/Feb, B = Feb/Mar, etc, through L = Dec/Jan. All owners belong to the AOAO and pay a yearly maintenance fee.




B1 June 15 to July 13
First floor, near the front of Billfisher. Guests can enter through the front door or through the nice, large patio, with convenient, adjacent parking.
asking $4,950
Please contact Monty Cochran at 818-929-2067
Exp: 08/18/2020

C1 July 15 - August 13
Ground floor unit, sleeps 4, walking distance to town.                                                                                                                          Asking $6,000. 
Please contact Marie Falcone at 949-581-4297 or email                                                                                       russandelaina@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                    Exp: 9/30/2020

C1 August 15 - September 13
It's A STEAL AT THIS PRICE! Easy Access--Ground floor unit, sleeps 4, walking distance to town and all the shops and restaurants. CALL NOW!
asking $3,500
Please contact Larry Ice at 520-488-2463
Exp: 08/18/2020

M2 December 15, 2020, to January 13, 2021
Quiet 2nd floor unit near pool, laundry, office, and gazebo. Mountain breeze always throughout, no need for air conditioning.
asking $18,000 or best offer
Please contact KayDonna at 586-776-0747
EXP: 08/19/2020