; The Kona Billfisher


The condominium units at the Kona Billfisher are Fee Simple property. Owners are responsible for the sale of their unit(s). The Kona Billfisher and LaTour Hotels and Resorts does not act as a real estate agent. A unit title includes ownership of the unit for a time period from the 15th day of a month to the 13th day of the next month. Time periods are designated by Alpha starting with A = Jan/Feb, B = Feb/Mar, etc, through L = Dec/Jan. All owners belong to the AOAO and pay a yearly maintenance fee.




H2C March 15 to April 13
One bedroom, one bathroom, unit sleeps four. Second floor overlooking Kailua-Kona with an ocean view. Easy walk to downtown restaurants and shopping
asking $12,500
Please contact Gordon & Joyce Griepentrog at 920-296-0728 or 920-979-3238
Exp: 10/11/2019

X2D April 15 to May 13
1 bd 1 ba, sleeps 4 on quiet side of complex. Walk to Kailua Village, restaurants & shopping & Farmers Mkt.
asking $12,000
Please contact Elaine Conley at 831-801-3524 or 916-543-0290
Exp: 05/29/2020

X1D April 15 to May 13
1 bd 1ba, sleeps 4 on quiet side of complex. Ground floor unit with large patio & parking at patio gate. Walk to Kailua Village.
asking $15,000
Please contact Elaine Conley at 831-801-3524 or 916-543-0290
Exp: 05/29/2020

E1E May 15 to June 13
1 bedroom, sleeps 4, ground floor, gate access to parking off lanai. Easy walk to downtown Kailua-Kona's restaurants/shopping. Pool, laundry on site.
asking $7,000
Please contact Kim Keplinger 253-297-4460

Exp: 9/16/19

N3F June 15 to July 13
1 Bedroom top floor unit with vaulted ceilings. Walk to shops, restaurants, and the ocean. Sleeps 4. Pool, laundry on-site.
asking $10,000
Please contact Susan Langley at 208-440-6970
Exp: 11/19/2019

C1G July 15 to August 13
1bedroom,1bath, sleeps 4. Ground level with lanai and parking. 4 weeks
Asking $9,900
Please contact Marie Falcone at 949-581-4297
Exp: 11/22/2019

C1H August 15 - to September 13
1 bedroom-1 bath, downstairs unit ( no stairs). Sleeps 4. Priced well below any units for sale.
asking $4,800
Please contact Larry Ice at 520-444-4847 or 520-488-2463
Exp: 10/11/2019

T3I September 15 to October 13
2 Bedroom, top floor, spacious 2 BR unit overlooking the pool and wooded lot next door. Time period falls during Ironman event, easy to rent.
asking $16,000
Please contact CT Folding at 562-756-7066
Exp: 11/19/2019

T2I September 15 to October 13
2 bedroom unit overlooking the pool, sleeps 6. Walking distance to downtown Kona's restaurants and shopping.
asking $13,000
Please contact Mike & Traci Hamilton at 928-542-9038
Exp: 12/13/2019

B1J October 15 to November 13
One bedroom, one bath, sleeps four. Ground floor with large lanai. Easy walk to downtown Kailua-Kona restaurants and shopping. Pool. Laundry onsite.
asking $4,500
Please contact Leonard Jesperson at 541-891-8809 or 541-891-8890
Exp: 12/12/2019

N2K November 15 - December 13
1 bedroom, 2nd floor, close to the pool Price includes all transfer fees.
asking $7,995
Please contact Helen & George Pilant at 253-988-6060 or 253-380-6720
Exp: 10/03/2019

B2L December 15 - January 13
One bedroom, sleeps 4. Easy access. Prime time to occupy or rent.
asking $17,500
Please contact David Kunze at 208 242-3686 or 208 317-5013
Exp. 09/20/2019